Kandy’s new thang

This is my first blog post 🙂

My name is Kandy and I have decided to write a blog to do with my interest in sex and anything that might come under that umbrella, from porn to relationships, poems and erotic stories, toys, hotels and clubs etc etc. After looking at what is out there on the internet for couples and women, there is indeed a vast array of things to tempt and interest but not enough information and not all in one place either.
I would like to add my bit of information, knowledge, opinions and views etc, to help other women and couples out there like me, that enjoy sex and enjoys trying new things in order to keep their sex lives fresh, exciting and enjoyable. So, that’s some of my blog ideas so far, whilst at the same time throwing in a story or 2 or a poem that I have written, mainly sex based of course 🙂 but also some based on love and relationships too.
Kandy Sparks.x

2 thoughts on “Kandy’s new thang

  1. Tiffany says:

    Good Luck Kandy…. Sex…. What a wonderful topic!


  2. spiritblack says:

    Can’t wait to read more.


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