A click on the remote and all was quiet and dark
With thoughts of the sexy couple fucking in the park
She drifts away, head now on the pillow
Dreaming of the naughtiness, seen by the pussy willow

Deep now in sleep someone is at the door
Her boyfriend has come to play and maybe paw
Gently, slowly, quietly, we do not wake
Pull back the covers carefully for goodness sake

The sight of her milky thighs
Sure made his cock rise
His fingers tickled and touched her leg
And said, my God you make me horny Meg
But only in a whisper, she is not to wake
He did not want to cause any heartache

Searching for the wetness within, he fingered her mound gently
So as to arouse but not to stir, until he had done plenty
She is sopping wet now, oh what a prize for him
He wants to wank, then come all over her chin

He creeps her panties, down to her feet
And calls out now to his mate Pete
Waiting in the hallway there
All Pete could do was stop and stare
He plucked up courage, and touched her you know where
His sex rose, as his fingers ran through her pussy hair

With quiet little noises of sexual pleasure
Exploring her now and her dripping wet treasure
Breathing becoming faster now, they cannot resist
With fingers they fuck her, but slowly Pete insists
sure they both would have a lot to lose
If she were to wake and get the blues

But oh, she knew what they were doing…
And was enjoying this secret screwing
That’s why she was so horny and wet
Feeling embarrassed she starts to fret
She thinks that really no more should she play…
But just 5 more minutes, hmmm what do you say?

4 thoughts on “Dreaming?

  1. spiritblack says:

    You are a very naughty girl Kandy, but I do love your writing style. It inspires me to ‘get down and dirty’ too.


  2. willcrimson says:

    Thanks for inviting. I like the rhyming and there’s some rhythm too! What I nice surprise your little poem is. 🙂 Your “for goodness sake” reminds me of “the night before Christmas…” Are you going to write more? I hope so. What else I like — the little insight that she enjoys being shown off by her boyfriend. She knows better but it feels too good.


    • kandysparks says:

      Thank you very much Willcrimson, it’s great to get some feedback and yes I have written more, most are on my blog but the rest are still hidden in the safe, waiting for me to hurry my ass up and post…they are rather naughty though. 🙂


  3. kandysparks says:

    Thank you too Spirit Black, all comments are greatly received and they encourage me to write more naughtiness 😉


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