Camper coitus

A camper for a sex toy! What a great idea. Loved this post & had to share. Thanks 3shades. 🙂



Camper coitus

So, I was meant to write a review of a sex toy. My weapon of choice was to be the remote control, vibrating love egg.
I had brought this a good few months ago and after having a very brief try out, it had been left in my naughties draw.
When I came to get it for the review I found that the batteries had run down, so I replaced all 6!! (Why does a tiny egg need 6, expensive, batteries?!) but in the name of sexual research I shelled out, only to then find that it still didn’t work!! Highly frustrated and annoyed at the cost of this, frankly not worth it, toy, I started to think which other toy could I review, which one did I go to most often, gives me most pleasure and most of all is reliable.
Then it hit me, not your…

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